Skate Jawn February 2023 ssue#71
Skate Jawn

Skate Jawn February 2023 ssue#71

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Skate Jawn - Skate Jawn February 2023 ssue#71

 Cover: Graeme Turner Pop Shuv tailgrab

Photo - Keith Debottis


Back: Kris Brown Adidas AD Front 180 Fakie 5-0 Revert

Photo - Zander Taketomo


Graeme Turner, pop shuv tailgrab at Muni by Keith DeBottis for the cover for issue #71

Stacked issue featuring an interview with legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman, trips to Mexico City and a Euro Barge, interviews with Josue Dosouto and Mason Padilla, saying goodbye to the Cherrybrook DIY, a Toronto scene check, Snack Skateboards in the midwest, Cooper Qua gives the backstory on some photos, and so much more. 



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