Flowers Canvas Travel Portfolio (color options listed)

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Dogwood - Flowers Canvas Travel Portfolio (color options listed)

* assorted flower tag colors

Product description Small items such as mobile phones and wallets you plenty of storage. Main part has plenty of size of 5 cm gusset paperback and book. MAP and guide book, passport or digital cameras, such as the US active during the tour. In the shoulder can also be hip bag 2-WAY type. Off the shoulder belt-I and you can adjust the length. Also do the belt loop on the back of the hip bag become the empty-handed for ideal for when you go out.
Color «3 Colors»
1. Black
2. Khaki
3. Olive drab
4. Woodland Camo
5. Earth Brown
Size [1Page size»
20.0 Cm (vertical) and (next) and 13.0 cm (Machiko Kyo) 5.0 cm
(Detachable shoulder belt) 78-144 cm
Material 100% Cotton 

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